Peter Leko - chess biography

Peter Leko - chess biography

   Peter Leko is amazing chess player. He was one of the youngest International Masters in the world. He was entitled the IM at the age of 14. His highest rating was 2763 in 2005.

   Leko became the International Master in 1992 and the Grand Master in 1994. At the age of 15, he was third at the prestigious tournament in Dortmund. He was the silver prize winner at the U-16 junior's world championship in 1999. He also took the second place in U18 category in Tilburg. He won the tournament in Dortmund in 1999 and Grand Prix in Bordeaux in 2000.

   In 2001 Leko became the third in Dortmund and won the fast chess tournament that was also held in Germany. In 2002, he won the fast chess Grand Prix in Dubai. Ho took the second place in Essen and third place in Monaco. In 2000 Leko was granted the opportunity to participate in the candidates tournament of world championship. He won the candidates tournament in Dortmund. In 2005 Peter Leko played against Kramnik; the score was 7-7 and Kramnik could defend his title.

   In 2005 Leko won the Corus Chess tournament and he was fifth at the FIDE world championship in Argentine in 2005. He won the Tal Memorial tournament in 2006. In 2007, in the course of the candidates tournament, he beat Gurevich and Bareev, and passed to the main tournament, where he was the fourth.

   Peter Leko won the Chess Olympics in Dresden in 2008. Leko gained a victory over Adams in Chess960. This victory made him the first Chess960 world championship. As there were no qualification tournaments, many people prejudiced such matches.

   Peter Leko married Sophia Petrosyan in 2000. He likes football, music, tennis, and bowling. He is one of the best chess players of today. Peter Leko is the expert in playing end games and one can seldom beat him at this stage of the chess game.

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