Beating The Open Games - download book

   The opening moves 1.e4 e5 are as old as the game of chess itself but they have lost none of their relevance in the era of the information explosion. The longevity of the interest in the open games is quite easy explain: this is the fastest way for both sides of getting castled and obtaining normal development.
The Fabulous Budapest Gambit: Much More Than Just a Sharp - download book

   What does White play against the Budapest Gambit?
   The key move in the modern BG is White's 4th, when he determines his opening strategy. The most popular moves are the various defences of the extra pawn on e5: with the knight (4.Nf3) or the bishop (4.Bf4), and then there are moves like 4.e2-e4 and 4.e2-e3.
A key problem in the BG is that White gains most of his points with simple, well-known moves. Therefore Black looks for risky lines and may look for gambit moves like ...d7-d6 or ...f7-f6 in many lines.
Positional Chess Sacrifices - download book

   Excerpt from the introduction to the book

   Some series of moves stand out from the expected trend of a chess game. They are surprising to our common sense. They often go beyond our erudition or chess culture, however extensive it might be. We call them combinations. Usually, the distinctive feature of a combination is a sacrifice.
Secrets of Attacking Chess - download book

   This is only partly a logical continuation of my previous book for Gambit, Secrets of Chess Defence.

   True, after investigating several aspects of the chess fight from the defender's point of view, the desire to have a look from the opposite side was natural. And yet, the method of investigation chosen is quite different from the previous case; in spite of the apparent similitude (or rather symmetry) of the titles, the thematic universe is of quite a different nature.
Perfect Your Chess - download book

   Result depends not so much on how deeply we are able to calculate variations, or how well we are able to guess the opponent's plans, as on simply playing the maximum number of strong moves. In other words, in every position, we must try to find one very strong move. At first glance, this may not seem so difficult, since in itself, it does not necessarily require that we calculate many moves ahead, appreciate many fine subtleties, or see deeply-hidden possibilities of counterplay for the opponent, etc. But even so, we do not recommend that you take the task too lightly, because a chess-player who can always find the correct moves, without ever making an error, has never yet been seen.
Mating the Castled King - download book

   Right from when we first start to play chess, we are taught quick knock-out ways of checkmating our opponent's king. We quickly learn Scholar's mate and other speedy methods of scoring an easy win. At that point, the more difficult and sophisticated job of trying to break down a castled king is only a vague outline in our mind. Eventually we develop various slapdash methods of attacking the king that has fled to safety. However, it seems to me that the topic of attacking the castled king is poorly represented in chess literature, and as a consequence, very few of us are true masters of this tricky subject.
The Extreme Caro-Kann: Attacking Black with 3.f3 - download book

   For more than a hundred years, the Caro-Kann Defence has had the reputation of being solid, reliable... but a bit boring. This was expressed best of all back in the 1970s by the young Anatoly Karpov, who was then only just storming the heights of world chess: 'This defence has always struck me as rather depressing in its passivity'. Within a decade or two, it became the main opening for the legendary twelfth world champion! The defence has achieved enormous popularity, and its reputation as prospectless has been reduced to nothing. We need some new ideas, or, at least, ideas that have been hidden, to strengthen White's hand.
The Chess Kid's Book of Tactics - download book

   This book is based on two big ideas:

  1. The chess player who knows tactics beats one who doesn't;
  2. Tactics are based on basic patterns that can be learned through organized puzzles.

   Many of the tactical puzzles in this book were used to train young players on our chess team at Community Elementary School 70 in the Bronx. These remarkable children went on to become New York City, New York State, and National Champions.
How To Play Dynamic Chess - download book

   As the title indicates, there is such a thing as a dynamic component of chess, and the problems it raises are the subject of this book. To start with, therefore, let us look into what the very concept of 'dynamics' involves when applied to chess. How is it to be defined?