Grand Master from Moldova Viorel Bologan

Grand Master from Moldova Viorel Bologan

   Viorel Bologan is one of the most successful and famous chess players from Molvova. He was born on 14 December 1917 in Kishinev. Bologan Viorel started interesting in this game when he was a kid. He was not only fast decision maker but also had very well developed intuition that helped him understand chess.

   However, as it is the case with all chess players with high rating, Bologan had to play against numerous very strong players in the course of national and international tournaments to prove his high level and defend his Grand Master title.

   Among his achievements is the victory in Aeroflot Open 2003 tournament with more than 150 Grand Masters participating. In the same year he played against the very highly rated players (Peter Leko, Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand) during the Dortmund Sarkassen tournament. His highest rating was 2700.

   Many books and DVDs were issued under his name, including "Viorel Bologan: chosen games 1985-2004", "Caro-Kann", "Old Indian defense", "French defense".

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