Weapons of chess an omnibus of chess strategy

   Weapons of Chess is a book of concepts and practical advice. It defines and explains the key motifs of strategic play. It is concerned more with thinking than with specific moves. It presents plans, elucidates their formulation and execution, and emphasizes pawn play over brilliant combinations. It helps a player answer the question: What do I do now?
Chess Detective: Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames and Problems - download book

   A detective is an expert in deductive reasoning. From seemingly innocuous events a detective discerns clues; from seemingly inconsequential clues he/she builds a dossier; from a seemingly incomplete dossier he/she formulates an action plan; from a seemingly ill-conceived plan he/she takes action, corners the prime suspect, and puts an end to the search.
Positional Chess Sacrifices - download book

   Excerpt from the introduction to the book

   Some series of moves stand out from the expected trend of a chess game. They are surprising to our common sense. They often go beyond our erudition or chess culture, however extensive it might be. We call them combinations. Usually, the distinctive feature of a combination is a sacrifice.
Isolani Strategy. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen's Pawn - download

   Aaron Nimzowitsch, one of the outstanding chess researchers, considered that the problem of the isolated pawn was one of the cardinal problems of positional play. We are talking about a central d4-pawn for While or a d5-pawu for Black, the isolation of which is characterised by the absence of the pawns of this colour on the c- and c-files.
Mastering Positional Chess - download book

   Nowadays, many players hugely underestimate the importance of positional play. Certain writers promise the reader gigantic rating gains if the reader solves tens (or even hundreds) of tactical problems a day. Many players follow this advice for a while, and it certainly is a good idea to solve tactical problems. I have done the same thing for most of my chess career. Nevertheless, when I started getting constantly outplayed, I realized that tactical practice was not the only way to improve one's playing strength. The more I studied positional chess, the more I understood the importance of positional play.