Dynamic Decision Making in Chess — free download book

   At the beginning of this year, I played in a rapid tournament in Estonia. I won one game where my opponent, an old room-mate from training camps with Peirosian. tailed to show up. He came up to me later and apologized. He had been very excited about playing against me, and got so caught up in the preparation tor the game that he lost all sense of time. When he finally looked at the clock, the game was already over, and he was still in his room...
Weapons of chess an omnibus of chess strategy

   Weapons of Chess is a book of concepts and practical advice. It defines and explains the key motifs of strategic play. It is concerned more with thinking than with specific moves. It presents plans, elucidates their formulation and execution, and emphasizes pawn play over brilliant combinations. It helps a player answer the question: What do I do now?