Beating The Open Games - download book

   The opening moves 1.e4 e5 are as old as the game of chess itself but they have lost none of their relevance in the era of the information explosion. The longevity of the interest in the open games is quite easy explain: this is the fastest way for both sides of getting castled and obtaining normal development.
The Fabulous Budapest Gambit: Much More Than Just a Sharp - download book

   What does White play against the Budapest Gambit?
   The key move in the modern BG is White's 4th, when he determines his opening strategy. The most popular moves are the various defences of the extra pawn on e5: with the knight (4.Nf3) or the bishop (4.Bf4), and then there are moves like 4.e2-e4 and 4.e2-e3.
A key problem in the BG is that White gains most of his points with simple, well-known moves. Therefore Black looks for risky lines and may look for gambit moves like ...d7-d6 or ...f7-f6 in many lines.
The Extreme Caro-Kann: Attacking Black with 3.f3 - download book

   For more than a hundred years, the Caro-Kann Defence has had the reputation of being solid, reliable... but a bit boring. This was expressed best of all back in the 1970s by the young Anatoly Karpov, who was then only just storming the heights of world chess: 'This defence has always struck me as rather depressing in its passivity'. Within a decade or two, it became the main opening for the legendary twelfth world champion! The defence has achieved enormous popularity, and its reputation as prospectless has been reduced to nothing. We need some new ideas, or, at least, ideas that have been hidden, to strengthen White's hand.
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire (New Enlarged Edition) - download

   This book is aimed primarily at club-level players with a playing strength of up to about 2200 Elo (or 200 ECF). When I was a young player at school I was always looking out for new repertoire books. I wanted something which would give me all I needed to know about the opening, without being too time-consuming, as I had plenty of other things to do with my time. I guess you could say I was not a very serious chess student and in fact I delighted in getting my opponents on unfamiliar ground, when my natural ability would get a chance to shine through.
Understanding the Marshall Attack, 2010 - download book

   It is a pleasure to introduce my second book for Gambit. The Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez is one of the most important openings in all of chess theory. It has been played by many of the world's top players over the last couple of decades, including Anand, Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Leko, Adams, Kamsky, Bacrot, Svidler, Short, Grishchuk, Shirov, Ponomariov, Yakovenko, Beliavsky, Harikrishna, Kasimdzhanov, Ako-pian, I.Sokolov, Khalifman and especially Aronian. This book is designed to give Black a workable knowledge of the whole complex of the Marshall Attack.