Excelling at Chess Calculation - Capitalising on Tactical Chances, 2004

   These days a lot of chess books are published on what I like to call 'general themes'. In most of them the author srarts out by claiming tliat there exist virtually no books on... How to think in chess; endgame strategy; this or tliat positional theme; basically whatever... (seen most recently in Paata Gaprindashvili's fabulous Imagination in Chess, Batsford 2004). Of course this is no longer quite true (though it might have been when the writers were read ing chess books themselves). I will not try to claim here, for instance, that there are no books on calculation. There are in faci several and they are all worth reading; I mention them in the bibliography and more than once elsewhere. If, after reading this book with the TV turned on, you cannot remember the titles, then perhaps you should turn off the TV and focus a bit more on chess!