Mating the Castled King - download book

   Right from when we first start to play chess, we are taught quick knock-out ways of checkmating our opponent's king. We quickly learn Scholar's mate and other speedy methods of scoring an easy win. At that point, the more difficult and sophisticated job of trying to break down a castled king is only a vague outline in our mind. Eventually we develop various slapdash methods of attacking the king that has fled to safety. However, it seems to me that the topic of attacking the castled king is poorly represented in chess literature, and as a consequence, very few of us are true masters of this tricky subject.
The Attacking Manual (2 parts), Aagaard Jacob, 2010 - download

   As a chess player I know there is almost always more to be learned from defeats than victories, especially the spectacular ones. So, though these two books will inevitably fall short of their aim, I hope the reader will agree that at least I fought valiantly to make sure that it was not by much.
Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition: Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

   Plenty of scientific books have been written about pattern recognition; this will not be one of them. Sure enough, this book is about patterns, but it's mainly about chess.

   Another thing that should be clear from the start is that you will not encounter tactical patterns here, like for instance all kinds of mate images. In this book you will find predominantly positional patterns.
Winning Chess Middlegames: An Essential Guide to Pawn Structures

   An excerpt from the first chapter
   In this chapter, I will try to make structures with doubled pawns easier to understand and analyse, by systematizing them into 12 standard positions. The 12 Structure' diagrams I have connected with the commented games that follow, reflect those standard positions, which are reached the most frequendy.