Play Chess Against Strong Computer - Stockfish Online

   Sometimes we think what to do when we have free time. Speaking for myself and millions of the internet users, chess is the best thing. Computer is the genius invention of the mankind that helped us to advance in the various fields of science, culture, to understand some important things and avoid many mistakes in the course of modeling. Playing chess with computer reflects the achievements of the human the best way. How much time do you think it will take to develop the artificial intellect? There are many chess engines in the world being developed by the best brains of today working together. The only disadvantage of these programs is that their size varies from one to some gigabytes and it makes impossible sharing them in the internet for everyone.

   These programs are being replaced by the new ones with less that 1 Mb size. Of course, the skills of the computer chess and of the so called flashes differ but it does not detract from their importance. You can play chess online without having to install the program on your computer and it is free. If we compare the positive and negatives sides of the programs, we can say that online chess have some advantages and playing chess on local PC has other ones. The beginner player will not feel the difference, and for the professional it will make no difficulty no install the program on their computers.

   As of, here everything is visual and simple. We offer you to try this game. Everyone can play chess online against computer Stockfish. We do not charge for playing and do not require you to register on site.

   We have developed a powerful game based on the Stockfish. There are 15 difficulty levels in this program - this will be enough not only to the amateurs but also to the professionals.

   If you are a beginner, then choose level 1, 2 or 3.

   If you are a candidate master, choose the level 5 or higher.

   We are sure you will not be bored and it is not that easy to beat our computer program.

   There are three buttons under the program. New Game - you can press this button at any time (when you see that the game is lost, or just want to start a new game, when the program if first loaded etc.).

   Move Back - clear to everyone, you can move back if you have put the figure on the wrong field etc. We do not recommend to move back since this will decrease your level. It is better just to start a new game or simply proceed with the current one.

   Move Forward - pressing this button makes the last computer's move back, if you have pressed Move Back.

   Upon completion of the game you will be offered to start a new one by choosing the level and color of the figures. Hope you will value our creature!