Baku Chess Olympiad 2016 online

   The Chess Olympics is going to take place in Azerbaijan on 1-14 September. Men and women will be playing separately. Each team consists of four players plus one substitute. The participants will play 11 tours as per Swiss system with classic time control. 7th September is the day off. You may watch all games online at our website at 14:00 Moscow time (the last tour starts at 10:00).
European Team Championship in Poland 2013 online

   Poland is preparing to hold the European Team Championship. It will take place in Warsaw from 7 to 18 November. As you could already notice, the start of tournament coincides with the first match of the World Champion series, thus many chess supporters will have to choose a country to go. However, thanks to the modern technologies, people are able to track both tournaments from any point of the world via internet. Our site will handle the broadcast, as well.

Standings Team Championships for men in Poland 2013 - the first 10 places

Standings Team Championships in Poland for women 2013 - the first 10 places
The Sinquefield Cup, Saint Louis 2013, online

Tonight, at 9 p.m. Moscow time, the very strong tournament starts there in Saint Louis. Among its participants will be Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronyan - two top chess players according to the FIDE rating list, and two strongest players of United States - Gata Kamsky and Hikaru Nakamura.
The fourth round of the Men's Grand Prix 2013 online, Salonilki

   The fourth round of Men's Grand Prix in Greece will be held starting from 22 May in the beautiful town of Saloniki. The tournament will last till 4 June. The days off will be 26th and 31st May. You may watch all games online on our website. The games start at 16:00 Moscow time (the last tour's games start at 14:00). There will be 11 tours in this round-robin tournament.

The participants

Fourth stage of the Grand Prix is over. Winner Lenier Dominguez

The final table of four Grand Prix
The strong "Supreme Masters" super-tournament online, Norway

   The very strong super-tournament started on 7 May 2013 in Norway with 10 players participating in it. This round-robin tournament will finish on 18 May and will consist of 9 tours. The days off will be 11 and 16 May. Below is the list of participants:

Tournament participants Supreme Masters 2013

Live broadcast in news!
Europe Individual Men Chess Championship 2013 online, Poland

   The Europe Individual Men Chess Championship is starting today in the small town of Legnica in Poland. There will be about 297 players participating in it. The participants will play 11 tours (Swiss system) with classic time control. On 17 May the closing ceremony will be held. The day off will be 12 May. All games will be starting at 17-oo Moscow time except the ones of last tour that will start at 3 p.m.

   The Russian Grand Master Dmitry Yakovenko is the rating favorite of the tournament. He is the Europe champion. All parties of the tournament may be watched on our website online. The prize money fund of the tournament makes 100'000 Euro.

European Championship for men in 2013 was over. Winner Alexander Moiseenko. Second place Evgeny Alekseev, third in Yevgeny Romanov
Alekhine Memorial 2013 online

   Alekhine Memorial will be held in Paris and Saint Petersburg from 20th April to 1st May 2013. Ten strongest Grand Masters will be participating in the round robin tournament. The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and 15 minutes till the end of the game + 15 seconds for every move made. The first tour will be played from 21st to 25th April, and 26th and 27th April will be days off. After that, there will be games again from 28 April till 1st May. The first five tours will be starting at 16:00 and the rest of them at 14:00 Moscow time.

   The first part of the tournament will be held in Paris, in the beautiful museum of Louver. After that, the participants will move to Saint Petersburg and to continue in Russian Museum. The tournament promises to be very interesting. You may watch all games online on our website. In the full news you will find the broadcast and the list of participants.

Alekhine Memorial completed. Winner Levon Aronian
Grand Prix 2013 in Zug Online

   The third lap of the Grand Prix is starting on 17 April in Zug, Switzerland. There will be twelve participants. It will be a round-robin tournament and will complete on 1 May (22 and 27 April will be days off). The organization of this event at such late stage will be done by Renova company.

Participants Grand Prix 2013 in Zug

   All games of the tournament may be watched online on our website. Each tour, except the last one) will start at 2 pm. Vugar Gashimov will be substituted by Gata Kamsky at all stages of the Grand Prix.
Candidates Tournament 2013 Online. London

   The 2013 Candidates Tournament will be held in London from 14 March to 2 April. This tournament will be the strongest in the whole history of the tournaments of such kind, and its prize fund will make 510 000 Euros. The winner of the tournament will play against Viswanathan Anand who has been wearing the chess crown since 2007, for the world champion title this year.

   There will be eight chess players participating in the tournament: Magnus Karlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronyan, Teymur Radjabov, Alexander Grischuk, Vasily Ivanchuk, Peter Svidler, Boris Gelfand. All of these players are well known due to their participation in the past tournaments. Let us note that three of the eight participants are from Russia.
The participants of the Candidates Tournament 2013

The winner of the tournament Magnus Karlsen

The final table of the Candidates Tournament 2013 in chess
Women's World Chess Team Championship 2013 Online

   Women's World Chess Team Championship 2013 is starting on 3 March 2013 in Astana. Ten teams from China, France, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and USA will participate. The flags of participants are presented below:

Countries participating in the women's team championship in chess

   The tournament will be played by round-robin in 9 tours with classic time control. Every team consists of 5 players with four playing and one in reserve. The tournament will finish on 12 March and 8 March will be the day off. The tours are starting at 13:00 Moscow time. You can see all players in full article.

Online broadcast in full article

Tournament ended - Ukraine in the first place!

The final table of women's World Team Championship 2013