Domination in 2545 endgame studies - download book

Domination in 2545 endgame studies - download book

   The creations by outstanding composers are a barometer indicating the level reached by endgame composition in that particular period. In the 19th century, which produced such luminaries as J. Kling, B. Horwitz, J. Berger and others, it was mainly the analytical ending that was perfected.

   The appearance of A. Troitzky on the chess horizon (at the end of the 1900s) and then H. Rinck, the Platov brothers (Mikhail and Vladimir), L. Kubbel and others marked a new stage. At the turn of the century the artistic endgame study emerged.

   How do the analytical and artistic compositions differ?

   In the main, the analytical endgame develops simple positions that have importance for the theory of endings. Its chief idea is hard to pinpoint, and the variants resemble a detailed analysis of an ending in an actual game. As a rule, the variations are trite, containing few spectacular elements. The artistic endgame study, on the contrary, always includes some sparkling idea. Whereas the analytical endgame is constructed according to rules, the artistic endgame study is based on exceptions from the rule.

   The material of most artistic endgames is subordinated to an idea, though with the strictest economy of material. Analysis should not, as a rule, smother the content but cede primary place to the main idea.

Author: Kasparyan
Title: "Domination in 2545 endgame studies"
Released: 2007
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