Endgame Virtuoso, Smyslov - download book

Endgame Virtuoso, Smyslov - download book

   Many chess games conclude in the endgame, and from ancient times this stage of the game has been analysed. There are monographs and reference books dedicated to the endgame, where a study is made of theoretical positions, a knowledge of which can assist the chess player.

   The endgame has its specifc features. In the middlegame the king hides from the attacks of the enemy pieces, but in the endgame it participates actively in the play. The role of passed pawns increases. The small number pieces on the board creates an illusion of simplicity, but positions that appear simple ofen conceal deep and beautiful possibilities.

   In the practical endgame there remains broad scope for creativity, despite all the theoretical analysis. Skill in endgame play demands precise calculation and rich imagination.

   I have always enjoyed playing endings and have never avoided going into an endgame, if the logic of the struggle demanded it.

   This book includes 122 endings from my career, and 40 games played in international competitions and in my own country. In the illustrative games the reader can trace the connection between the opening, the middlegame and the endgame. A few studies composed by me are also given.
Vasily Smyslov

Author: Smyslov Vasily
Title: "Endgame Virtuoso"
Released: 2003
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 177
Size: 20 Mb

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Marlon 14 April 2016 02:44
Can I have a download of this book ENDGAME VIRTUOSO of Vasily Smyslov at this moment? Because I am a Chess Enthusiasts and have been waiting for this book for a long time. Please....