Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual - free download

Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual - free download

   Out of not less than hundreds of my publications of recent years, I have chosen only a small fraction - the ones corresponding most closely to the title of this book.

   As a rule, all were produced in much the same way. My attention would be captured by a game (or fragment) that had been commented upon in a chess magazine or book. I would prepare it for my lessons, carefully going over the published analysis, most of all the key moments of the struggle, to which I wished to direct the attention of my students during their lessons. During this preparation, I would usually find important subtleties which had escaped the annotators attention - sometimes altering the whole picture of the game. And my students - strong, talented players - would often come up with ideas requiring more and more corrections. And finally, I concluded that a re-examination of the game, coming as a result of this process, would be interesting enough to bring to the attention of a wider circle of chess enthusiasts.

   In my articles, I considered it a good idea to quote widely from previous commentators, in order to transmit their thoughts as accurately as possible - or, where necessary, to dispute them. For my readers' convenience, I have indicated direct quotes in italics. Additional comments by the players themselves will follow in italics with quotes.

Author: Dunnington Angus
Title: "Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual"
Released: 2008
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 419
Size: 9 Mb

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