Analysing the Endgame, Speelman - download book

Analysing the Endgame, Speelman - download book

   Basic Chess Endings was first published in 1941. It is a magnificent work, especially considering the paucity of material which preceded it. But it still has not been revised! Not surprisingly, given its pioneering position, there are many analytical "errors and omissions". Some of these have been published in various places - notably in Evans' column in Chess Life and Review. In the absence of a revised edition I have gathered various analytical mistakes from together here. Some of these are rather trivial, but others are very interesting and lead to quite new analysis.

   My "updating" (or "reassessing"; but not "persecution", I hope) is not just confined to Basic Chess Endings. I have also garnered material from many other sources and in particular Batsford's Endgame Series including, of course, my hobby-horse Pawn Endings. On that subject I must admit that there are quite a large number of pawn endgames in this book.

Author: Speelman Jonathan
Title: "Analysing the Endgame"
Released: 2000
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 177
Size: 2 Mb

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