Best Lessons of a Chess Coach - download book

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach - download book

   This book is organized into two main sections, with several lessons in each. Each lesson presents a lecture on a complete game that exemplifies one or more thematic ideas. Naturally, some of the games will contain the themes of both sections. For example, the Paulsen-Morphy game (Lesson 5) is an excellent example of the initiative and piece coordination as well as of controlling strong squares.

   Many ideas are introduced more than once, so that they may be seen in new contexts. The games taken as a whole enlarge upon the themes and engrave them in chess memory.

   Each lecture is a dialogue in which the lecturer frames questions at various stages. You should pause to frame your own answer and compare it to the respondent's. Note that the first answer given in the text may not be the correct one.

   Ample diagrams are provided to help you follow the flow of the game and visualize the possibilities, but you may prefer to follow the game on your own chess set.

   You, the reader, will sometimes be given exercises in the footnotes. You may wish to set up the position on a board, analyse, and make notes for comparison to the answers given at the end of the lecture.

   Review notes are provided to reinforce the important points made during each lecture. These notes are segmented into Themes, Guidelines, and Advice. As you read these, try to recall the context in which the ideas were presented during the lecture. If necessary, go back and find the relevant paragraphs. Highlighted text is used to help you find them.

   At the end of each lesson, you will also find a Supplementary Games section for your perusal. These games illustrate the theory and/or themes of the lecture game. Play these over to get a feel for how the thematic positions develop and are exploited in different situations. Such pattern reinforcement is essential to the development of chess skill.

Author: Sunil Weeramantry, Edward V. Eusebi, Bruce Pandolfini
Title: "Best Lessons of a Chess Coach"
Released: 1994
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 169
Size: 8 Mb

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