Winning With The French, Uhlmann - download book

Winning With The French, Uhlmann - download book

   The sixty most instructive French games of my chess career, spanning more than forty years, are significant not only from a theoretical point of view but also as achievements in their own right. In each encounter I have demonstrated the ideas which can be utilized in the particular variations.

   Another important consideration is the fact that my opponents mostly adopted modern lines and were only defeated after a hard struggle. In annotating these games I have focused most attention on presenting the essential plans of each game to the reader, my aim always being to give an accurate assessment of the position. In this regard it is interesting to note how opinions on certain variations and lines have changed over the years. It is always important to learn from your own mistakes, to draw the appropriate conclusions and consequently to do better in future. When played correctly, the French Defence is a real joy, it is always interesting and leads to extremely hard-fought contests. Even in the so-called simplifying lines there are still opportunities for gaining a winning advantage. As an advocate of the French Defence I am particularly pleased that this opening is currently experiencing a revival. Chess enthusiasts now have the pleasure of playing through my best French games, collected here in a single book for the first time.

Author: Wolfgang Uhlmann
Title: "Winning With The French"
Released: 1995
Format: pdf/rar
Quality: good
Number of pages: 158
Size: 3 Mb

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