How To Win In The Chess Endings - download book

How To Win In The Chess Endings - download book

   The end game, moreover, contains basic positions akin to the axioms of mathematics. To know these positions is to acquire a storehouse of fundamentals which are part and parcel of nearly every game. This knowledge is really the solid groundwork of foresight, the prime requisite of planning.

   Foresight in the opening, for example, is nothing more than a predisposed knowledge of the middle game, and possibly the end game. Foresight in the middle game is knowledge of the end game. Foresight is the essential attribute for favorably projecting the future.

   To crystallize the thought, let us assume one of the usual variety of middle-game positions. In it we find innumerable continuations, many alternate choices. To attack, to defend, to stall, to swap: these are vexing problems. If one could foresee with certainty a favorable result by one of these actions, he would know what to do. There would be no problem.

   Rarely, however, is the issue so cut and dried. Almost always there is present an element of speculation. Yet it goes without saying that a favorable result brought about with a minimum of risk is the correct procedure. And here is where knowledge of the end game is the answer. Because the end game has so few units, it is often possible to calculate its consequences without fear of contradiction without risk. Thus the first course of action to be considered is that which leads to an end game.

Author: Israel Albert Horowitz
Title: "How To Win In The Chess Endings"
Released: 2012
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 122
Size: 7 Mb

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