Basic Chess Endings (Algebraic Notation), Fine Reuben - download book

Basic Chess Endings (Algebraic Notation), Fine Reuben - download book

   It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the endgame. This is especially true in today's competitive chess with its faster time controls. A player who is not well equipped with basic endgame knowledge is liable to lose the fruit of even a well-played game.

   Grandmaster Reuben Fine's classic book on the endgame was my compass when I started to play chess and continued to guide me after I became a master. Indeed, entire generations of chess players grew up on this great book. No wonder it has been called the bible of the endgame. This very practical and useful one-volume textbook, with its great many examples, explains the mysteries of the final phase of the game in plain language that can be read and enjoyed with profit by amateurs and masters alike.

   I was honored to be asked to revise Fine's tremendous work, which had been first published in 1941 and had never been revised. For the most part I have left this great body of knowledge untouched, except to correct errors (unavoidable in such an enormous work) and to delete redundant and outdated material. I have brought the book up to date as regards endgame theory and added new examples. Fortunately, basic endgame theory, unlike opening theory, has not changed much in the last half century, except in certain technical areas.

   Converting the original chess notation from descriptive to algebraic, now the universally accepted system, has enabled a much clearer and more compact presentation of the text while preserving its authenticity. The conversion was professionally accomplished by Laszlo Lovass of Hungary
Thanks to Burt Hochberg, who initiated and supervised this project and edited the manuscript.

   I hope all new readers will learn from and enjoy this book as much as I have.

Author: Fine Reuben
Title: "Basic Chess Endings (Algebraic Notation)"
Released: 2003
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 604
Size: 8 Mb

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