Practical Rook Endings, Viktor Korchnoi - download book

Practical Rook Endings, Viktor Korchnoi - download book

   It is said that I play the endgame very well, and that it is due to my outstanding technique thai I have managed to win so many tournaments and matches. This was the reason why I was asked to write a book on the endgame, or more precisely, on rook endings.

   Endgame technique is obviously important for every chess player. There are not many books on this phase of the game, and it is doubtful whether they are able to give the reader the necessary feeling for the endgame. This feeling comes firstly from experience, when a player finds himself in a variety of situations, which are puzzling, in spile of their apparent simplicity, and where he has to make a painstaking analysis. And rook endings are well known for their deceptive simplicity.

   There are several books on rook endings, the best known being those by Cheron, Fine, Levenfish and Smyslov, Euwe and Van Wijgerden, and Kcres. When I began writing this book, I surrounded myself with these manuals.

   I believe that it is only born pedagogues and scientists who are able to write good books on chess. The pedagogues ponder over what material the beginner requires, while the scientists, with their iron logic, discard the chance elements in complicated situations and work out rigid rules.

Author: Korchnoi Viktor
Title: "Practical Rook Endings"
Released: 2002
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 99
Size: 3 Mb

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