The Caro-Kann, Lars Schandorff - download book

The Caro-Kann, Lars Schandorff - download book

   The Classical Caro-Kann and, some will say, the real Caro-Kann. Black voluntarily gives up his centre with 3...dxe4 to later bring out his light-squared bishop. This is the key motif of the entire Caro-Kann and we will come across it a number of times throughout this book in all kinds of disguises. Here we can perhaps take a little timeout and ask ourselves if such an operation is worth undertaking. In many other openings the light-squared bishop is a real problem child for Black, most notably in the French Defence.

   So in the Caro-Kann Black tries to solve this issue right from the start. However the means chosen are not completely problem-free. Giving way in the centre gifts White a space advantage and easy piece-play, but practice has shown that this is nicely counterbalanced by the soundness of Blacks position. He has no real weaknesses and room enough to manoeuvre with his remaining pieces. Later he may get in a break and be able to fight for the initiative as well.

Author: Lars Schandorff
Title: "The Caro-Kann"
Released: 2010
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 256
Size: 5 Mb

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