The Hedgehog - chess book download

The Hedgehog - chess book download


  • Have you ever played the Hedgehog or against it?
  • Do you wish to play the Hedgehog in the near future and need motivation?
  • Are you looking for a trick to avoid playing the Hedgehog, if unfortunately it clashes with your opening repertoire?
  • Do you want to broaden your chess horizons ...
  • ... or alternatively, to have an amusing bedtime chess book at hand?

   If you can tick at least one "yes" against the above questions, then read the following carefully. The "take it easy" cliche may well suit a person's lifestyle, but this philosophy cannot properly apply to chess, because here a player knows what he wants beforehand and needs to prepare it-so take the Hedgehog seriously!


   The content of this monograph is potentially poisoned. Much of the material is biased to convert you into a faithful adept of the Hedgehog. You will not get as far as idolatry, but there is a danger you will fall in love with the opening. On the other hand, you might become a privileged connoisseur but an unsuccessful practitioner. The Hedgehog might appeal to your logic, but may not suit you temperamentally. Judge for yourself to avoid disappointment.

Author: Suba Mihail
Title: "The Hedgehog"
Released: 2000
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 157
Size: 8 Mb

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