Mastering the Najdorf - download book

Mastering the Najdorf - download book

   Out of all the defences Black employs against 1 e4, the Najdorf Sicilian is probably the most studied, and has the highest reputation. The 5...a6 + 6...e5 set-up in the Open Sicilian was first played by Czech International Master Karel Opodensky, but it was Miguel Najdorf who devoted the most effort to investigating and popularizing the line, linking his name to that of the variation ever since.

   Argentina was then a chess power, as was shown in 1952 when they took second place, behind the USSR, at the Helsinki Olympiad. The best Argentinean players (Najdorf, Pilnik, Rossetto, Bolbochan and later Panno) worked on and played the new variation, and its popularity quickly spread. However, Najdorf's first game with the line was the real eye-opener.

Author: Arizmendi Julien & Javier Moreno
Title: "Mastering the Najdorf"
Released: 2004
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 115
Size: 2 Mb

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