Starting Out - The Scotch Game, download book

Starting Out - The Scotch Game, download book

   Before the 1990s the Scotch Game had always been a reasonably popular 1 e4 e5 opening, without ever really threatening the perennial domination of the Ruy Lopez . However, in the 1990s it received a major shot in the arm when Garry Kasparov began playing it with some frequency, injecting many new ideas from White's viewpoint and using it with success in world championship matches. World champions, especially Kasparov, dictate opening fashions, so the inevitable consequence of this was that the Scotch suddenly became much more popular at all levels of chess. Nowadays, thanks in no small part to Kasparov's contributions, the Scotch is seen as a very important opening weapon for White.

Why Play the Scotch Game?

   Scotch does offer a good variety of positions. Those interested in sharp, tactical battles will enjoy the complexities of the Mieses Variation, while less experienced players and those preferring quieter paths can look to the Scotch Four Knights.

Author: Emms John
Title: "Starting Out - The Scotch Game"
Released: 2006
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 224
Size: 10 Mb

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