Attacking with 1 d4, Dunnington - free download book

Attacking with 1 d4, Dunnington - free download book

   It is significant that a definition of 'attack' is as follows: 'to take the initiative in a game'. I had this in mind when selecting the opening systems recommended in these pages, because the very nature of 1 d4 openings is such that the kingside is by no means the only sector of the board in which either side is able to engineer attacking prospects. It is a common misconception - usually with young players - that to attack is to pressure only the opponent's king (or the king's defences), but a weakness is a weakness, and by concentrating on this or that vulnerable square or pawn in the enemy camp it is possible to win a game.

   Nevertheless, you will notice anyway that throughout the book the lines tend to be quite aggressive, mostly with an emphasis on space, fluid development, inducing weaknesses in the enemy camp, generating an initiative etc. Above all, however, it is important that a system is sound and that specific plans and features are relatively easy to understand.

   In order to facilitate familiarisation with major characteristics (structures, areas of attack etc.) several of the systems involve similar plans from White, and I have deliberately chosen variations that require certain moves (and move orders) to be employed. Additionally, for the sake of convenience, and to avoid confusion, I have altered the move orders of several games.

Author: Dunnington Angus
Title: "Attacking with 1 d4"
Released: 2001
Format: pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 161
Size: 28 Mb

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