Understanding the Leningrad Dutch, Beim Valery - download book

Understanding the Leningrad Dutch, Beim Valery - download book

   In my opinion it is only worth writing a book (of any type and on any subject) when you know that you can convey to the reader something original and useful, or at least interesting. And even then the author needs to be able to voice his thoughts in a clear fashion! I hope that this book meets these criteria, and that the reader will appreciate my aspirations.
Valeri Beim

   "lam happy to be from Leningrad..." From a Soviet-era song

   To those who have not yci played the Leningrad, but who are attracted by this book and wish to try it. I must issue a warning from die very outset. As the legendary Ostap Bender put it, in the fictional capital of the chess world:

   "There is risk. You might get beaten up."

   Still. I think it isn't worth worrying about this: experience will come, you will get used to the typical Leningrad positions, and victories will follow!

Author: Beim Valery
Title: "Understanding the Leningrad Dutch"
Released: 2002
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 194
Size: 3 Mb

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