The Art of the Checkmate - download book

The Art of the Checkmate - download book

   The first includes games which end with the typical mate; the second includes games which end with a variation, or modification, of the typical mate. The third is rather more complicated. Between strong players it is rare that such typical mates occur. In most cases there is just the threat of a mate. In order to avoid it, the opponent is compelled to make a defensive move, which either weakens his position or results in loss of material.

   In ninety-five games out of a hundred the two opponents castle; and ninety times out of a hundred they castle on the King's side. We shall therefore suppose, in the examples we are about to give, that all attacks are delivered against a castled position on the King's side.

   Although the scope of this study is limited to typical mating positions, it will, we hope, initiate the reader gradually into the general methods of play. The best way to learn the principles of the game is to see their application in the most dramatic situation of the Chessboard: mate which can be announced in a definite number of moves.

   Let us be bold by all means it is the only way to victory, but let us be cautious as well.

Author: Georges Renaud, Victor Kahn
Title: "The Art of the Checkmate"
Released: 1962
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 109
Size: 7 Mb

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