Albin countergambit

   Albin countergambit is a very rarely used opening that leads to double-edged challenge with the better chances for White. This used to be the general idea for many years and many Masters and GMs still think so. My opinion is that this is one of the best answers to the White's 1.d4 move. By sacrificing a pawn, Black hinders the opponent's movements and gets the opportunity for the attack, making crafty traps, castling, or just waiting in the center. This gambit is my favorite debut that I successfully used in many classic chess as wells as fast and blitz chess. I think that this debut deserves attention and it should be looked at from a new point of view. The video lessons are in English and are supplemented by an annotation.

   In the first part of the video lesson we will tell you about the bad moves by White leading to the loss. These are the very those traps noted above. In this counter gambit White is on the watch for dangerous situations if plays wrong. E.g. 1.d4-d5, 2.c4-e5,, 4.e3?

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