Coffeehouse Chess Tactics - free download book

Coffeehouse Chess Tactics - free download book

   Excerpt from the book.

   And now lean gladiators, measure out your allotted twelve paces on the sand...

   In the beginning was die opening, and the opening was made flesh and came and dwelt among us. Yes, and they have grown bigger, ever bigger, year by year, until nowadays they threaten to dominate the whole game.

   I'm sure, like myself, most students wish that there weren't any openings to be mastered, before we could enjoy a game of chess. However, there are ways and means. One doesn't have to start from the rigorous premise held for the most part by insecure players, who feel the need to be constantly cosseted and cushioned by the latest drip fed theory that openings are an infallible body. How then to conquer that which is unconquered?

   There are three methods of shedding the current theoretical load. The first method is called palming, used in the coffeehouse for ensuring that you get the colour of your choice every time, by concealing or "palming" identical pawns in both fists.

   The second, a more sporting but less accurate way, is to play sharp gambits. These arc not used at master level and so are less analysed.

   The third way is to do what the great Indian master Sultan Khan did in the 1920s and 1930s, and that is to learn a universal system of development as White, that allows you to get quickly into the middlegame. And such a system is the Stonewall Attack. Perhaps the quickest way to show you the marvellous attacking potential of this opening is through an example from my own play.

Author: John Healy
Title: "Coffeehouse Chess Tactics"
Released: 2010
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 136
Size: 4 Mb

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