The Art of Positional Play - download book

The Art of Positional Play - download book

   When a beginner plays P-K4 on his first move he is already playing positionally (although he may not be aware of it): he has begun to occupy and control the center (particularly Q5), and he has opened lines for his King Bishop and his Queen. Center control and open lines are common positional themes.

   When a player sacrifices a pawn, or even a piece, to expose the enemy King, the details of the operation are tactical but the conception and the goal are positional. King safety is a positional theme.

   For the purposes of this book, I have chosen to concentrate on the most common and easily recognized positional themes, and to illustrate them with actual games selected from recent tournaments and matches. This is the most useful method for the student because he will learn to recognize the Themes in their practical settings and how they are handled under tournament conditions by the best contemporary masters. I am sure that the games, chosen for their inherent interest and quality, will also prove entertaining to the casual reader.

   It has been known for a hundred years that a positional advantage is a prerequisite for a successful attack. This book was written to show you how to get that positional advantage.

Author: Samuel Reshevsky
Title: "The Art of Positional Play"
Released: 2002
Format: pdf/rar
Quality: good
Number of pages: 324
Size: 22 Mb

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