School of Chess Excellence Endgame Analysis - download book

School of Chess Excellence Endgame Analysis - download book

   The gong has sounded - the game is adjourned. The secret moved is sealed, the clocks stopped, and the scoresheets concealed in the envelope. The adjourned position is now lodged in your thoughts and will not give you any peace until it is resumed.

   Immediately a mass Of problems arises. There is never sufficient time for analysis. Sometimes you again have to sit down at the board within two to three hours, and during the break you also have to find time to eat. With one hand you hold your fork, and with the other you move the pieces on your pocket set. It is not much easier even when there are special days set aside for adjournments. You have to prepare for your next few games, play them, and finally, simply relax. Can you find much time for the adjourned position? There is an eternal dilemma at a tournament; sleep or analysis.

   A player is obliged to be able to analyse his adjourned games independently, but sometimes he also has to work in a team. Your friend or trainer joins in the study of the position, or perhaps you yourself perform the role of trainer. In team competitions it often happens that several people simultaneously take part in the analysis. Joint work must be well arranged.

   During my years of playing and training work I have accumulated experience of solving both these 'organisational' problems, as well as creative, purely chess problems. I should now like to share this experience. After mastering the technique of analysis, and the principles of its organisation and implementation, you will be able to reduce to the minimum those unplanned losses and increasingly often enjoy unexpected gains during the resumption.

Author: Mark Dvoretsky
Title: "School of Chess Excellence"
Released: 2003
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 131
Size: 12 Mb

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