1234 Modern End Game Studies - download book

1234 Modern End Game Studies - download book

   There is one feature of this book which makes it vastly superior to its predecessors. The algebraic notation is used and is used in its most commonsense form. From a purely scientific standpoint, the use of the most abbreviated form of the algebraic notation which merely gives the starting square and the finishing square and makes no special note of captures might have been more logical. Admitted that its use is perhaps an experiment with the present work, but End-Game composition is closely allied to Problem composition, and problemists use an almost identical form of notation to that adopted in the present work.

   It has so many advantages that in order to forestall criticism, some of them are enumerated:

  • Every square has one name only instead of two.
  • The confusion between the King's side and the Queen's side does not exist.
  • The confusion between White's and Black's side of the board is banished.
  • The FORM of notation is much more simple.
  • The liability to make errors in playing the moves on the board is practically eliminated.
  • The system is much more easily learned.
  • We are brought into line with several European countries using this system which is capable of universal application.

Authors: Sutherland, Lommer
Title: "1234 Modern End Game Studies"
Released: 1968
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 379
Size: 5 Mb

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