An Opening Repertoire for Black - download book

An Opening Repertoire for Black - download book

   Theory has become too complicated, the volumes too big. It has become very difficult for a club player to choose what is good in such a labyrinth Most people have no time and sometimes insufficient knowledge to choose a repertoire, especially for use with Black.

   This book offers one of the many possible repertoire for Black. We chose variations carefully. We tried to leave some choice to the handler of the black pieces; he can decide whether to play a solid line or a sharp one which may depend on the opponent and the state of the tournament. Later on he can also widen the repertoire, introducing new variations. We also tried to give an answer to whatever White would play in the opening; of course bizarre moves cannot be included. Most important of all, the lines we suggested offer counterplay and have rich strategic contents.

   We do hope the reader will find this book useful and interesting.

   Here I wish to thank master Ervin Sindik for his help in the preparation of this volume. I am also grateful to my wife for her patient help.

Authors: Drazen Marovic, Bruno Parma
Title: "An Opening Repertoire for Black"
Released: 1987
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 78
Size: 7 Mb

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