Starting Out 1 d4, Cox John - download book

Starting Out 1 d4, Cox John - download book

   White repertoire books are a lot harder than Black ones. With Black the author just ends every line by saying either that Black has 'a solid position' or that he's got ' counter chances'. If the opening can't provide either of those, then you've really got problems. With White though you're supposed to give some idea that the reader might obtain the advantage, which is a lot trickier.

   Historically White repertoire books deal with this problem broadly in two ways, which might be called the honest and the dishonest.

   The dishonest are characterized by titles such as 'Play the X and Win'. These usually take some 'system' opening where White's play for the first few moves is always the same (it's all so easy to win when you're White, you see), show a few flashy White wins, ignore any inconvenient Black defences, give only lines leading to an advantage for White, and assure the reader that, let us say, the Colle is a deeply underrated opening and that if they take it up they will live happily ever after and add an immediate 200 points to their Elo rating. It's easy to fall for their charms -1 have a few on my own shelves - but they can broadly be best described as meretricious trash.

Author: John Cox
Title: "Starting Out 1 d4"
Released: 2006
Format: djvu
Quality: good
Number of pages: 240
Size: 6 Mb

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