The King's Indian: A Complete Black Repertoire, Bologan - download book

The King's Indian: A Complete Black Repertoire, Bologan - download book

   An excerpt from the first chapter
   We will begin our survey of the King's Indian Defence with the so-called "sidelines". Their name implies that they are not at the focus of the modern theory and they are only seldom played in the contemporary tournament practice, so they should not be that dangerous for Black. This might be however, a hasty and principally wrong assumption! For example, the set-up, which we analyze in our chapter four, is regularly played and successfully at that by a very aggressive White player like the Dutch GM Ivan Sokolov, while the plan, we deal with in chapter six, has been employed quite effectively by the twelfth world champion Anatolij Karpov. Fashion in general, including chess, is very volatile and sometimes narrow paths turn into highways, while well-trodden roads are covered by grass...

   The author does not plan to invent new names of variations of the type 'The Sokolov Attack", or 'The Karpov System" etc. I will leave this task to the professional theoreticians. I intend to suggest reliable ways for Black to obtain counterplay in the super-popular schemes, as well as in the semi-forgotten lines. Some day, who knows (!), they may become the arena of theoretical discussions even at the highest level.

Author: Bologan Victor
Title: "The King s Indian"
Released: 2009
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 358
Size: 9 Mb

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