Great Chess Upsets - download book

Great Chess Upsets - download book

   Most collections of games of great players contain their wins only. Very seldom will a renowned expert include in his book his setbacks. I suppose it is quite human for one to be reluctant to point out his own mistakes.

   Here then are losses of the seventeen best players in chess history. A great chess player is still only human, and is, therefore, subject to error. Even the greatest chess players have made blunders and will continue to do so. That is what makes the game of chess so interesting and intriguing.

   Chess blunders can be of different types. They can be flagrant, such as overlooking a mate in two moves or leaving a Queen "en prise." They can also be almost imperceptible, such as permitting an opponent to occupy an important square which eventually leads to a substantial advantage. A blunder can also consist of selecting a poor opening, so that one side has great mobility and the other side a cramped and unwieldy position.

   The most important causes of blunders are time pressure, tension, fatigue, and lack of sufficient concentration. The outstanding cause of blunders in top-level competitions is time trouble. A mistake can be made in crucial positions by even the greatest player when he has insufficient time to ponder a move, especially in a situation where a multiple choice of moves is available.

   The fact that the greatest chess players are not immune to oversights should be comforting and encouraging to the average player, who plays for enjoyment and relaxation only, or who strives to reach a high plateau.

Author: Raymond Edwards Raymond Keene
Title: "Great Chess Upsets"
Released: 1976
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 162
Size: 11 Mb

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