Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur - download book

Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur - download book

   When a master plays an amateur, he is normally confronted with a different type and a greater number of inferior moves and errors than he would find in master play. These are precisely the inferior moves and kinds of errors which the amateur meets constantly when playing other amateurs.

   What better way could the amateur have of learning how to exploit the weak play of fellow amateurs than to study how a master would handle such positions? If the brilliant games of Paul Morphy against the masters of the nineteenth century seem much more instructive to many amateurs of today than the far subtler victories of twentieth century grandmasters over fellow grandmasters, it is precisely because Morphy's victories over his far weaker opponents provide a more striking example of how to exploit to the maximum the more serious errors of the weaker player.

   This work consists of twenty-five games between master and amateur. The amateurs range all the way from weak players who make characteristic amateur moves never found in master games to players just below master strength, amateurs who have studied chess and know a considerable amount of technique, but who fail to grasp all the strategic implications of a position. Since the games themselves have no particular importance, we have not indicated the names of the players. Our criterion for choosing a game was not whether a master was pitted against an amateur, but rather whether one opponent, who was performing as a master, showed in a convincing way how to exploit certain typical errors of another, who was playing like an amateur.

Author: Max Euwe
Title: "Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur"
Released: 1994
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 177
Size: 12 Mb

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