Perfect Your Chess - download book

Perfect Your Chess - download book

   Result depends not so much on how deeply we are able to calculate variations, or how well we are able to guess the opponent's plans, as on simply playing the maximum number of strong moves. In other words, in every position, we must try to find one very strong move. At first glance, this may not seem so difficult, since in itself, it does not necessarily require that we calculate many moves ahead, appreciate many fine subtleties, or see deeply-hidden possibilities of counterplay for the opponent, etc. But even so, we do not recommend that you take the task too lightly, because a chess-player who can always find the correct moves, without ever making an error, has never yet been seen.

   We would draw the reader's attention to the necessity of developing his intuition. What do we mean by this? Intuition in chess is the ability to find the best move in a position where it is impossible to do so merely by calculation and logic alone. Chess-players often speak of the ability to play 'by hand', i.e. in situations where thinking time is limited, or the position is too complicated and it is impossible to see all.

Author: Ivan Sokolov
Title: "Perfect Your Chess"
Released: 2007
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 159
Size: 9 Mb

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