Volga (Benko) gambit - download video

Volga (Benko) gambit - download video

   We keep on presenting our video lessons series. And the next gambit we will review is Volga gambit. This gambit is very complex and just watching this 4-part video lesson will not be enough. You will have to look for some more game records and get experience in using some schemes. You will come to success only after you study this gambit thoroughly and play a lot of games. White may either accept a sacrifice of pawn or decline it, changing the course of the game to the Old Indian defence. That is why you have to be ready for any kind of difficulties that may appear when playing this debut. 1.d4-Nf6, 2.c4-c5

   The first video shows the variant where White declines the sacrifice.

   In the other three videos - the basic features of the Volga Gambit.

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