Damiano 's defence - download video

Damiano 's defence - download video

   You may be surprised with the fact that we are reviewing this defence, especially in the two part video lesson. Damiano 's defence starts with these moves (I am sure you don't know them smile).

   I did not know that this gambit was called Damiano's defence, as well. Some foreword. All of us who played chess in their childhood, made the same moves. The first chess book was published in 16th century in Italy. It was published by Damiano. In his book he noted that the 1.e4-e5 2.Nf3-Nc6 is the best continuation, the 2.d6 is a bit weaker and 2.f6 is definitely the worst. So, in this lesson we will review the unexpected 2.f6 continuation of Black.

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