Chess Detective: Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames and Problems - download book

Chess Detective: Kriegspiel Strategies, Endgames and Problems - download book

   A detective is an expert in deductive reasoning. From seemingly innocuous events a detective discerns clues; from seemingly inconsequential clues he/she builds a dossier; from a seemingly incomplete dossier he/she formulates an action plan; from a seemingly ill-conceived plan he/she takes action, corners the prime suspect, and puts an end to the search.

   Does the prime suspect reveal what he did to the detective? Wake up. Does he tell the detective where to find him? Perish the thought. Does he surrender without a struggle? Be real. A detective does all the work, pieces together all the information from events to clues, from dossier to plan, from action to apprehension all by his/her lone self, through sheer deductive reasoning.
   A chess detective is an expert in deductive reasoning in a chess setting. Is an over-the-board chess player a chess detective? Not quite. In over-the-board chess, a player knows exactly what the opponent did, and sees exactly where the King is no deductive reasoning is needed.

   Who is a chess detective? A Kriegspiel player is.

   Kriegspiel is chess played without knowing your opponent's moves. You make your moves and, through these moves, gather clues. With clues, you build a model of the opponent's position. You coordinate forces, and, when ready, march in to nab the King all without seeing your opponent's chessmen or moves. You do all these through sheer deductive reasoning power. That is a chess detective!

Author: David H. L
Title: "Chess Detective"
Released: 1995
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 96
Size: 5 Mb

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