Chess Player's Bedside Book - download book

Chess Player's Bedside Book - download book

   The chess world is fortunate in possessing a comprehensive literature unrivalled, either in quality or quantity, by any other game. The student will find all the instruction he could possibly require from the simple to the recondite.

   Should the reader, however, merely seek relaxation and entertainment, he will find a curious gap in this extensive literature. The choice of books is limited.

   When your editors were asked to prepare The Chess Player's Bedside Book by Batsford (who have an enviable reputation both as publishers of chess books and bedside books), we endeavoured to compile a volume worthy of our publishers and its readership. Our editorial policy has been:

  1. to commission (or reproduce) all articles from writers with an established reputation for bath the technical and literary quality of their work.
  2. to allow each original contributor to choose his own subject.
  3. to obtain slants on chess humour or items of general interest from Riga via Amsterdam and London to New York.

   Therefore the bulk of the book is original work not previously published. To the above, we have added items (mostly short) gathered from a wide range of sources. As a result, the subject matter covers the whole chess world from problems to play, from literature to personality, from history to humour, from Staunton to Fischer.

   We have had much fun in compiling The Chess Player's Bedside Book, and if the reader obtains as much, wc shall be well pleased.

Author: Raymond Edwards Raymond Keene
Title: "Chess Player's Bedside Book"
Released: 1975
Format: rar/pdf
Quality: good
Number of pages: 86
Size: 8 Mb

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