Deep Fritz 13 free download

Deep Fritz 13 free download

   Here is the thirteenth version of the Fritz program, which will be appreciated by amateurs as well as experienced players. The size of the program is quite large so it will take a while to download it, especially for those who have slow internet connection, but the game is definitely worth candle. The design and graphics are excellent. It will be very good for children due to the hints and various chess pieces and boards to choose from. In the new Fritz 13 there are more than a million and half games and this makes the program more powerful.

   The huge advantage of this game is that you are given an opportunity to play on the "Playchess" website for free. You can track the games of the other players, watch the international tournaments online, and, of course, meet the other chess players.

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Comment 6

jeric mendoza
jeric mendoza 8 February 2015 08:25
I liked it
Jaker Peter
Jaker Peter 22 November 2015 09:54
It's a strong chess software.
sunil 21 March 2016 05:33
Sir, it is not downloading. Please create a direct download link.
valdis 17 April 2016 13:45
yo opo cara download games iki aku kok gakiso
lamar may
lamar may 16 May 2016 12:19
need to improve my openings skills.
GELESAM PREM KUMAR 26 July 2016 14:15
good chess software